Hope hubs are incredibly reliable but they do need occasional maintenance to keep them running at their best. The bearings are sealed and pretty much maintenance-free — simply knock them out and replace them when they feel rough or develop play. That’s easily done, but the freehub body could do with an interim service to preserve that famous reliability and Pro 2 buzz!

Being made up of pawls and springs, the ratchet mechanism that allows you to both coast and put the power down is fairly intricate and subjected to large forces. But performing this service is dead easy, and you don’t even need a mass of tools; just get yourself a Hope Pro 2 seal tool (about £8) and, as long as nothing is knackered, you shouldn’t have to replace any parts either.

Watch the video above to learn how to do it for yourself, and remember that you can find lots more How To videos here at mbr.co.uk.

Need to know

Time taken

20 minutes

Skill level


Money saved


Got into trouble?

There isn’t much to go wrong here. Lay the parts out in order as you remove them and take some pics on your phone as you go if you’re really worried.