We’re hurtling towards Christmas at an alarming rate and here’s your fourth Advent treat.

Ever wondered whether your favourite downhill racers are any good at constructing catapults? Or perhaps whether they are capable of setting up some camera rigging?

Well look no further as we follow the riding of Stevie Smith and Brendog through the use of many Sony Action cameras. A little initiative makes the watching a whole lot more interesting as through the use of parachutes, remote controlled cars and wires we get some pretty impressive shots.

Some of them work better than others, but you cannot fault the imagination that went into the idea of filming from the back of an RC car. Nevertheless, the riding remains speedy and you get to see Smith and Fairclough showing off some style on a tidy looking trail.

If you’re a fan of Brendog but perhaps downhill is not your cup of tea, check out this video of him shredding some enduro with XC whippet and style king Nino Schurter. 

Both Smith and Fairclough will be back in action in next year’s World Cup series that starts in Lourdes in April. Until then we’ll no doubt have loads more great video content from these two stylish riders to keep us going over the winter.