The DMR Vault has held the crown of MBR’s favourite flat pedal for quite some time now. We love its large platform, easy to replace pins and, of course, its stonking levels of grip.

We also think it’s an incredibly durable pedal but even the most durable pedals need a quick service every now and again. Thankfully we set Al Vines on the task to show you a quick and easy DMR Vault service to get your pedals feeling as good as new.

You’ll need:

A workmate or a vice

A set of allen keys

A torque wrench and 8mm socket

A bearing kit (for the DMR Vault pedal this costs around £25)

A Vault and V12 pedal tool (this costs around £16)

Some paper towels or rags

A rubber hammer.

The procedure is nice and easy as you can see from the video above and shouldn’t take you too long. There are a couple of points to remember though – firstly the right hand pedal has a left hand thread so righty equals loosey and lefty equals tighty; secondly, don’t lose the washer!

Before long your pedals will feel as good as new with a smooth action and you’ve saved yourself a packet over going to the bike shop for a repair or the internet for a whole new pair.