This is Mike Randall and he holds a dirty secret – he rides a Plus bike.

Plus bikes are the latest entrant to the mountain biking wheelsize debate and it’s safe to say they’ve caused a bit of a stir. They sit in a middle ground between traditional mountain bike wheels and fat bikes with withs of around three inches. You can check out a full guide to mountain bike wheel sizes here.

As you would probably expect the mountain biking community has met this new wheel size with a mixture of fear and doubt but Randall is determined to prove them wrong.

He said: “Ever since I bought this bike my life has changed dramatically. My friends and family won’t talk to me, I definitely don’t have anybody to ride with, my girlfriend kicked me out of the apartment and broke up with me and now I’m living in my van down by a river.”

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Despite being mocked and shunned by other riders on his trails he still gets out and shreds. The lack of friends clearly doesn’t slow him down either and he rails the corners and hits some impressive drops… it’s just a shame he decided to buy his bike in white!