Now that the snow season has set in, it will be a long time before any of us are able to shred the Alps on rubber again. This video shows off the very best of the late season in the Crans-Montana region of the Swiss Alps and makes us pine for European riding.

The riders are on Kona Precept bikes. This is the budget range of bikes that includes 120mm and 130mm trail bikes, a 150mm enduro bike and a 200mm downhill bike. These are seen as cheaper options to Kona’s premium ranges such as the Process and Operator.

The first day of this video was ridden on the Precept 120 and 130 and shows their climbing and singletrack capabilities while the second day is spent tackling high Alpine trails on the Precept 150. Clearly the budget label doesn’t hold these bikes back.

The video was supposed to feature Leah Maunsell, a Kona grassroots rider, but she broke her wrist on the first day of filming. This meant that her chaperone, Garry Daveron, had to step in to fill her place. He is normally a fat bike rider but thankfully he was still able to deliver the goods on a skinny-wheeled machine.

The Kona Precept 120 costs £1,199, the Precept 130 costs £1,399, the Precept 150 costs £1,899 and the Precept 200 costs £2,399. All the bikes are available now.

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