We might all lust after the latest fully-carbon, exotic superbikes but if this feel-good edit shows anything then it’s that you can still shred no matter what you’re riding.

Arson Monistera, or Dada, is a Madagascan trials cyclist who has inspired a bunch of other riders from the island to take up the sport. Madagascar is one of the last places we’d think of when it comes to mountain biking so it’s cool to see the sport stretching so far.

The best thing about this video is that the all the riders are just on whatever bikes they could find and bodge to suit their purpose. Dada says his bike weighs 13kg (28.6 lb), two kilograms (4.4lb) heavier than Danny MacAskill’s, and shows where he has welded the frame so it will fit him.

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This doesn’t stop him pulling off some nice stunts though like hopping off a first floor balcony and tackling some technical obstacles.

Sure, this edit might not have the gravitas of MacAskill’s The Ridge, but it’s got a positive vibe and there are still some impressive skills on display; we’d love to see what Dada could pull off on a proper trials bike though.

Dada himself probably sums it up best with his personal motto and an attitude we should all try and adopt more – “no ride, no fun.”