Think of the Dudes of Hazzard and you’re most likely going to think of enduro bikes slashing through Scottish slop.

However, Canyon clearly has different ideas as its latest bike is named after the celtic trio… except it’s a fat bike. Yep, that’s right, the Canyon Dude CF rolls on four inch tyres and for £2,399 you can call one your own.

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To be fair, while we’re yet to be converted to fat bikes here at MBR the Dudes of Hazzard boys make it look a lot of fun by taking it on the beach, to a quarry, on some muddy trails and even the local Londis on its first ride in this video.

canyon dude packshot

Canyon says: “After you sit on a fatbike for the first time all logic gets thrown out the window. Across any terrain, down any trail, whether through snow, on sand or just good old-fashioned dirt, the Canyon Dude CF takes control and brings riding fun to ridiculous new levels.”

So what do yo think of the Canyon Dude? Is it a fitting steed for the mud maestros or best left in the shed?

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