Tuning suspension can be a dark art to the uninitiated. With a plethora of nobs, pumps and dials to contend with it’s sometimes easier to just stick it in the recommended factory settings and leave it.

Obviously this approach doesn’t get you the best performance, so Scottish company SussmyBike has launched a telemetry kit on Kickstarter that it hopes will ensure everyone gets a better ride from their suspension.

The kit attaches to the top and bottom of your stanchion and measures how far and how fast the stanchion is compressed. Over a course of the ride it will analyse this data and look for undesirable characteristics such as pogo-ing, bottoming-out and incorrect sag.

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The data is then sent to an app on your phone via bluetooth and it recommends changes you can make to your set up according to your riding style. Over the course of a number of runs you can fine tune the settings and, in theory, find the perfect set up for you.

Currently the product attaches to your fork using cable ties, but Sussmybike claims it will try to make a better system in future. It also claims that the product will be durable having being tested in the worst conditions that Scotland can throw at it.

This product is similar to the ShockWiz we told you about a few months ago. However, the Shockwiz fitted to the Schrader valve on your fork, not the stanchion. ShockWiz smashed its $90,000 funding target, raising $133,000, and Sussmybike seems well on its way to do the same with over £11,000 of £20,000 raised in just two days.

You can buy a Sussmybike on the Kickstarter for between £135 and £165, but there’s no word yet on what the final retail price will be. Sussmybike claims that the unit will fit all forks and most shocks, the app will be available on Apple and Android devices.

You can find the Sussmybike kickstarter here