The CES technology show in Las Vegas is proving to be an unlikely hot-spot for mountain bike tech. Earlier today we showed you the Intel drone that can dodge trees and now we have Nikon’s first foray into the action camera market with the KeyMission.

Nikon is renowned for its professional kit so it’s no surprise that this camera has a spec sheet focussed on quality. The camera can film in 4k ultra HD with a complete 360° viewpoint. That’s right, you can now film the ground and the sky as well as the trail in front of you! The KeyMission is also waterproof to 100 feet and features a vibration reducer.

In contrast to the Bell Super 2R 360Fly we reported on yesterday, this camera uses two lenses to record simultaneously instead of just one. We’re not sure how this will affect battery life or storage but from the video above it seems to create a disconcerting fish-eye effect. Hopefully this is an option you can edit out when the camera is released.

360° videos we’ve seen in the past have not been of the high quality we’ve come to expect from action cameras but with its 4k resolution the KeyMission could be the camera to sort that out.

The camera is due to be released in spring and although there is no official word on price you can expect a high-quality camera like this to cost skywards of £300. Nikon will be announcing a full range of action cameras in the near future.