Gee Atherton is one of the greatest mountain bikers to ever have come out of the UK. To date he has won seven downhill World Cups and has twice crowned as downhill World Champion.

But Gee has more strings to his bow than flat out speed, in 2007 he won a World Cup in four cross and he has twice been on the Red Bull Rampage podium.

Gee Atherton on his way to winning the 2014 World Champs

Gee Atherton on his way to winning the 2014 World Champs

For this year’s World Championships, GT gifted Gee and his sister Rachel with custom painted frames with a Union Jack graphics. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to help him defend his crown as he crashed out early in his run.

We caught up with Gee’s mechanic, Piotr Michaliszyn, at the Red Bull Hardline event so he could give us the low down on Atherton’s GT Fury.

Gee Atherton Bike Check

Gee Atherton WC fury featured

Gee’s frame is custom built to fit him perfectly. The Atherton team spent a lot of last year experimenting with different frame sizes but Gee now seems to have found one that fits. It sits roughly between the commercially available large and extra-large sizes.

Gee’s cassette is a ‘Frankenstein’ mix of  Dura-Ace road and XT cogs so he can have the prefect range of gears for his riding.

Gee Atherton GT Fury WC cassette

Gee has ditched his Pro-Atherton grip this year and is instead running a prototype Shimano grip that is better suited to his big hands. We’d normally advise against getting grips without clamps but Gee secures his with glue and motocross grip wire so they keep his hands in the right place.

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Also new is the Pro Atherton bar. It’s pretty similar to the old one except it’s got some new graphics so it will suit more bikes. Gee runs his at 790mm.

Gee Atherton WC fury grips and bars

Gee’s grip and bar combination

The rest of the bike is relatively stock with cut down Continental Mud King tyres, Shimano Saint brakes with Ice Tech rotors and Crank Brothers Mallet DH pedals.