The Pro Atherton grip comes with racing pedigree, but it is difficult to fit

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Pro Atherton grip


Pro Atherton grip review

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The Pro Atherton grip is such a tight fit that, on some of the test handlebars, we had to remove the collar and spread it apart to get the grip installed properly.

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It is a hassle, but with the belt and braces attachment (there’s an expanding wedge built into the end of the grip) the Pro just doesn’t move at all once it is fitted.

The grip uses a single locking clamp and expandable runner end cap. This is because Gee Atherton likes to run his hands close to the end of the bar and wanted grip for the whole length, without sacrificing a secure fit.

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The Pro Atherton grip is thin, has a tacky dual-density rubber compound that feels good with or without gloves on, is a decent length and is reasonably priced. The only other negative, apart from the tight fit, is the weight; it is one of the heaviest grips we’ve tested.

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Weight:121 grams
Diameter:30 mm
Length:135 mm