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Tested: Maxxis Monorail LUST £34.99

Maxxis Monorail LUST

The Monorail is a rapid trail-come-race tyre and gets deep C-shaped edge knobs, micro-ramped (leading edge) centre lugs and three thin intermediate stability bars. Various models are available, but I’ve been running the 2.1in LUST, or tubeless version.

It has the 62a Exception rubber compound found on our CrossMark control tyres and a similar 120Tpi carcass but the sidewall gets an extra fabric layer and air tight rubber coating. Weight wise, the LUST construction adds around 200g over a non-tubeless Exception, although the LUSTs roll so well I wasn’t aware of the difference, plus there’s no tube, so it’s closer in weight. An added bonus is the sidewall hasn’t scuffed up as badly and has greater stability so you can actually get away with running lower pressures for added comfort. Typically I’ve been experimenting between 25-27psi in these tyres and I’ve yet to have a pinch flat.

The UST tubeless Monorail seated first time on my Mavic SLR UST wheels with a normal track pump and I’ve been running them for weeks, with no leaks and no sealant — not an experience I’ve had in the past with Maxxis.

There’s the inevitable comparison with the CrossMark, and while the Monorail is a quick tyre it’s less sure-footed on rooty and loose trails. An Exception CrossMark would still be our first choice for trail riding, and the Larsen TT is probably a better competition tyre, but we’d still recommend the MonoRail LUST because it’s harder wearing.

Mbr rating: 8

Tyre: Maxxis Monorail LUST
Price: £34.99
Weight: 720g
LUST tubeless
Wire 70a is £17.99, Kevlar 70a is £23.99, Kevlar 62a Exception is £27.99

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