Vittoria's Pit Stop TNT tyre sealant is an good choice if you only need to seal holes rather than cuts.

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Overall rating:

Score 7

Vittoria Pit Stop TNT


  • Seals tyres fast when setting up


  • Doesn’t seal cuts very well


Vittoria Pit Stop TNT tyre sealant review


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If you’re looking for the best tubeless tyre sealant, Vittoria offers its Pit Stop TNT product. It is a thin sealant and it retained this viscosity when chilled, however we noticed a skin had formed over the sealant when it was heated. In our torture chamber the Pit Stop TNT sealed the 2.75mm puncture after barely one revolution and did the same for the 5mm hole initially but it eventually when we put weight on the tyre. It didn’t seal the sidewall cut either we played around with positioning the slash rotating it to the bottom where it could submerge in sealant but it didn’t help.



Pit Stop TNT plugs holes quickly but lacks the larger particulate to seal bigger cuts and sidewall tears. You could easily add some home-made additive to boost its clogging power but there are cheaper alternatives where you could do the exact same thing.