All you need to get riding again after a puncture at a bargain price.

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Weldtite Tubeless Repair Kit


  • Great value. Does the job.


  • Not the most glamorous brand or exciting packaging.


Weldtite Tubeless Repair Kit review


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Tubeless tyres offer superior ride quality and puncture resistance compared to inner tubes. Occasionally, the expensive airtight tyres themselves get sliced or punctured by sharp rocks though, and riders need an effective fix to spare them the scrapheap; both for the environment’s sake as much as their pockets.

The best way to permanently fix small holes is ‘plugging’ with a tubeless worm. These are essentially thin, super-sticky composite threads jammed into tyre casings with a mini fork-shaped plunger. Withdraw the metal plunger and the plug stays put, and sealant inside can deal with any tiny edge gaps left over and make the tyre airtight again.

Repairs in most areas (except around tyre beads) last well and can even be replaced later with a bigger or secondary plug if needed, making them essential kit for riders frequenting pointy terrain.

The best repairs last longer using rubber solution to help plugs stay put, and also by cutting off any protruding plug tails to stop them ripping with friction from riding or braking. The included blade here is useful for this task, and also doubles up to halve some plugs for smaller holes and double puncture protection for your cash.


Costing under eight quid isn’t much cash for everything you need to perform all of the above from Weldtite’s lightweight and easy to carry box. The kit simply works, and you’ll struggle to find a better value effective solution to dive into the world of tyre plugging.