Stylish and cool-running trail pants from the Troy Lee Designs stable.

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Troy Lee Designs Skyline Trousers


  • Comfortable. Not too tight. Secure pockets. Plenty of ventilation.


  • Less versatile in mixed conditions.


Troy Lee Designs Skyline Trousers review


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Troy Lee Designs already makes two of the best trail riding pants/trousers on the market in the Resist and the Sprint Ultra. Can its new Skyline Trouser match their high standards? We put them to the test to find out.


One of the most popular trail shorts in the Troy Lee Designs range is the Skyline, using a lightweight, multi-paneled design with plenty of venting and a good array of useful pockets. These Skyline Trousers are basically just a long-legged version of the Skyline shorts, with a similarly lightweight and summer-friendly build. They use an eco-friendly Bluesign fabric that promises to manufacture with the lowest possible impact and use resources responsibly. In the case of the Skyline Trouser that means a Coolmax branded polyester and Lycra mix that offers good breathability, comfort and stretch. Certainly it’s soft to the touch and comfortable against bare skin both inside and out. The flatlock seams also help prevent any annoying itching.

Troy Lee Designs Skyline pants

Troy Lee Designs Skyline pants

Sizing and cut

There’s only really a two-way stretch to the fabric, and it’s not as elastic as some pants, but even so, I had no complaints about restricted movement as the cut is slightly more generous than some – most notably the Fox Ranger.

Troy Lee Designs Skyline pants

Troy Lee Designs Skyline pants


As a Califiornian brand, TLD kit usually feels right at home in warmer conditions, and so it is for the Skyline Trousers. Yes, they’re obviously warmer than a pair of shorts, but the air holes at the back of the knee and the ventilated butt panel mean that they are one of the most comfortable summer riding pants around. It’s also possible to leave the zip pockets open for further cooling, should you wish.

Troy Lee Designs Skyline pants

Troy Lee Designs Skyline pants

To keep the waist secure, there’s a zip fly and chunky pop stud. Velcro waist adjusters let you tune the fit and a silicone ‘Skyline’ logo helps keep the waist from sliding around. Those zip pockets are deep enough to hold a decent amount of stuff, while the zips mean you can secure anything valuable without concern.


The Skyline Trouser is no use in wet, cold or windy conditions, but as a summer trail pant it hits the mark. You’ll need to accept the slight premium that comes with the TLD label, but at £120 they’re certainly not outrageously priced. 


Weight:324g (32in)
Colours:Black, camo