A smart looking hard case hiding some pro-looking tools, but the Unior Pro Home Set didn't quite perform as well as we hoped.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 8

Unior Pro Home Set 1600 CN


  • High tool construction quality
  • Some MTB-specific tools


  • Foam insert doesn't hold tools securely
  • No individual Allen keys
  • Chain tool driver pin was bent


Unior Pro Home Set 1600 CN review


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With its bright blue briefcase, the Unior Pro Home Set is certainly a distinctive option among the best tool kits on the market. Open up the box and the contents are impressive – all the tools are neatly held in a custom foam insert. Unfortunately a few tools seemed to fall out every time we opened the case and the insert itself wasn’t that well fixed to the shell.

That said, the quality of the tools themselves are difficult to criticise. Staples like the cable cutters and split link pliers worked well and it is pleasing to see MTB-specific tools such as the rotor truing fork and pad separator included.

Also included are some unique tools that make the Unior kit stand out from the crowd. A strap-on gauge turns your frame into a wheel truing jig. It’s a clever idea, but nothing you can’t do with a simple zip tie, or tyre lever secured with an elastic band around the seatstays.

To remove the cassette, there’s a three-pin tool that locates between the teeth of the sprockets. Again it’s clever, but doesn’t really offer any advantage over a traditional chain whip, and the cassette tool isn’t compatible with RockShox air caps. But we did like the Shimano crank cap tool that clings magnetically to the BB spanner. And the tyre levers worked well.

Less impressive was the chain tool – the driver pin was slightly bent in our unit, and breaking a chain seemed to require more force than the other models on test.

Good quality though they are, the Y-handle Allen and Torx keys will need supplementing with separate tools to really cater for most maintenance jobs.


Initially we were really impressed with the Unior Pro Home Set 1600 CN, and certainly the quality of the tools is very good, but a few of them didn’t quite live up to our expectations and the fact that several tools fell out every time we opened the case became really annoying. The Unior Pro Home Set is great quality, but a few omissions and the fit of the case means it’s not perfect.


Number of tools:19
Size:400 x 335 x 100mm