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Syncros MB Tailor Cage


Syncros MB Tailor Cage review


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While bike designers are becoming as imaginative as drug mules at finding orifices in which to stash stuff, the Syncros MB Tailor Cage keeps it simple. And it’s paid off – this is one of the best bottle cages on the market with integrated tool storage.

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Beneath the side-entry bottle cage (left and right-handed versions are available) is a slide-out drawer holding a multi-tool and chain breaker.

It’s a little awkward to remove the tray as the hooks that hold it in place are quite stiff and pointy at the end, but it affords a decent defence against dirt and water ingress.

The tools themselves have a useful selection of bits. There’s a Torx T10 and T25 as well as spoke keys, an 8mm bit and a quick-link holder.

Complaints? Well, it’s missing a 6mm hex key and a stiff-link remover and the multi-tool doesn’t let you exert the kind of leverage needed to remove pedals or tighten linkage bolts.

But the cage is secure, even on the roughest terrain, and with the MB Tailor Cage mounted on your bike you never have to worry about whether you’ve remembered your emergency tools again.


Options:Left or right-side entry