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Specialized Conceal Carry SWAT


Specialized Conceal Carry SWAT multi-tool


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Specialized Conceal Carry SWAT tool hides essentials inside your headtube and includes a lightweight multi-tool and proper threaded chain breaker.

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All this plus a spare quick link holder, all in a forged alloy body. The whole package replaces a star-fangled nut and bolt to preload the headset.

Stashing tools in a fork’s steerer tube is a smart place to carry them. It’s tidy and out of sight, and also means less need to carry an annoying pack or strap unsightly ‘enduro’ bundles to a prized machine.

The SWAT multi tool has 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm Allen keys and a T25 Torx that’s enough for 90% of trail jobs, and it’s stashed spring-loaded, so swinging open the top cap gently pops it upwards to easily grab. The alloy carrier uses hardened steel bits and a rust proof coating to fend off any spray fired upwards, and the overall package is easy to access, silent and durable.

This SWAT solution weighs a bit more than a separate multi tool and chain breaker, and there are also less tools than its closest alternative; One Up Components’ EDC system. The price is pretty steep at £85 too, but Specialized’s solution has a major advantage over its rival in terms of ease of fitment; the whole assembly tightens on itself (and three different screws are included) to fit steerers from 165 – 225mm long.

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This design means you don’t need any specialist workshop tools or (to pay someone else) to permanently tap a new thread into the inside of your fork steerer to keep everything in place. This easier install helps ensure this well thought out bit of kit is a nice addition to Specialized’s clever SWAT line up.