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Dynaplug Racer Tubeless Repair Kit


Dynaplug Racer Tubeless Repair Kit review


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The tubeless repair brand offers numerous packages with this Dynaplug Racer being the lightest and smallest of the whole lot.

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Dynaplug punches brass-headed, impregnated, rubber plugs straight into damaged tyres to seal holes without the need for glue. The system’s speed and efficiency make it a racer’s favourite.

It’s pricey at £35, but that includes preloaded large and small plugs in the CNC’d tube, and 5 extra rubber-tailed bungs. It’s incredibly quick to use: push the spiky end through a damaged tyre to deposit a tailed, coated repair plug, and it seals immediately. You can cut off the stray rubber later if it’s an issue.

One additional benefit is the brass plug tips seem to resist wriggling back out of tyres better. On really rough trails ‘normal’ rubber plugs can eventually drag out under braking forces to expose original holes and cuts. Some Alpine riders wrap climbing tape round plug, tyre and rim to prevent this, so Dynaplug’s solution lasting longer is a massive bonus, in case the ease, speed and low weight aren’t enough of a draw for the extra cash.