OneUp has expanded its range, adding a stem alongside its well-regarded long stroke dropper posts and new aluminium handlebar.

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OneUp Stem


  • Good quality hardware. Knee-friendly clamp design. No-gap face plate design. Understated looks


  • Heavier than the best stems on test. Finish doesn't reflect the high price


OneUp Stem review


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OneUp doesn’t do names; this product is just called the ‘Stem’ and we’ve had the 42mm length on test. It’s a plain looking stem, but it does feature a machined 6061-T6 aluminium construction and there three lengths available, and all are compatible with 35mm handlebars. With a spec sheet that reads well, we pitched this option from OneUp against the best mountain bike stems.

Like the best stems on test, the face plate uses a no-gap clamp design that, according to OneUp, creates a more consistent clamping force. It’s a similar concept to the Race Face Turbine Top-Lock design, but OneUp takes it a step further by using two separate face clamps, which allow you to torque the bolts individually up to 6Nm before tightening the lower bolts – there’s no need to go backwards and forwards. The split clamps are not any lighter than a joined design, but they do feature chamfered edges on the inside allowing the bar to glide in easily.

One Up Stem

The OneUp Stem uses a ‘no-gap’ face plate clamp

OneUp runs good quality 4mm bolts on the face plate and 5mm on the steerer clamp, but the matt anodising is not as deeply etched as some and has worn in a few areas on our sample.

The stack height is not quite as low as the Nukeproof Horizon, but the opposing bolts mean there’s plenty of knee clearance and it’s also one of the widest at the front. It’s difficult to feel the stiffness when running the flexy OneUp handlebar, but this stem does feel solid with other bars. It is one of the heaviest here and, while in the general scheme of things the extra 20g is neither here nor there, you’re also paying slightly more for it.


With its subtle understated look, this dovetails nicely with One Up’s excellent aluminium handlebar, but the devil is in the detail and the Stem is not as lightweight or as well finished as the best on test.


Weight:156g (42mm)
Clamp size:35mm
Lengths:35, 42, 50mm
Stack height:40mm