The best name of any short I’ve tested now or in the future

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Madison Flux Capacity short


Madison Flux Capacity short review


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New storage short from Madison is called the Madison Flux Capacity short, which I reckon has the best name of any short I’ve tested now or in the future.

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Fancy riding bareback but don’t want to use a strap on? The only way is to buy a tight-fitting spandex body stocking or, in cycling circles, a storage short.

Like most storage shorts, the Flux Capacity features an integrated bib to stop it hanging low when fully loaded but it does means you will need to shed upper layers if you want to squat down for, you know, a few minutes. If you only need to stop briefly there is a fly opening at the front, handy since the front of this short sits quite high on the chest.

The Flux Capacity features three rear stash pockets. The two side ones are angle for easy access and feature pull tags so you get them open, although they are a bit on the diddy side. The centre pocket is wider and will swallow a water bottle or bag full of spares. Unfortunately, the three pockets are not a limpet design like on the Specialized Mountain Liner SWAT bib but are sewn down, which means when laden they can rub against your waist band and they’re generally a little bit harder to get into, especially on the move.

The lightweight mesh construction offers good breathability but the 4G-RACE gel chamois pad is the exact opposite and generates heat faster than a DeLorean going 88mph. It has an anti-bacterial fabric so shouldn’t stink even after repeated washing but the pad is pretty thick and bulky.

I like the overall fit of the Flux Capacity but I’m not keen on the leg grippers – they’re too tight and can chafe a fair bit when riding hard.

The Flux Capacity under cuts the Specialized Mountain Liner SWAT by about £35 but it doesn’t have the same storage and carrying capacity so is better for short, sharp rides than the long haul.