Formula 1 speed in a short that straddles the XC/Trail boundary

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Aussie Grit Flint


  • Long distance comfort.
  • Fit.


  • Leg length issues if you wear knee pads.
  • Inner short can be quite hot.


Aussie Grit Flint short review


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The Aussie Grit Flint baggy short is the company’s first mountain bike specific short and it’s a little different to many others on the market.

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Aussie Grit Flint review

You would be forgiven if you had never heard of Aussie Grit. This new clothing company is, as it’s name suggests, a product of Australia but its probably Aussie Grit’s founder that you would be more familiar with. Aussie Grit is the brainchild of Ex F1 racer Mark Webber. Mark has been a mountain biker for many years and has ridden and raced bikes all over the world. Seeing the need for MTB specific kit that was neither DH baggy or XC tight, Aussie Grit was born.

A little bit different

First up it has a regular shell/padded liner short configuration but rather than being separate, these are joined at the waist to create a single garment. This does mean that if you follow standard cycling short hygiene protocol they are only good for one ride before the whole lot needs washing. The upside is the short stays in place admirably with little gaping or crack exposure, without the need for excessive closure mechanisms. In this respect the Flint makes do with an off-set and minimal elasticated drawstring to nip it up if you want a little added security.

aussie grit flint

A simple drawstring plus a wide and comfortable waistband keep the Flint solidly in place.

Right at the top of the short is a relatively tall unbroken waistband. Made of soft elasticated material, it sits comfortably on the tummy and prevents the short from digging in when in a riding position. Only Assos and Fat Lad at the Back currently do similar shorts that we have tested and that provide this level of comfort.

aussie grit flint

A simple zippered pocket at the back of the right thigh is all the storage the Flint has.

The outer short is made of a stain and snag resistant material with plenty of stretch. The styling is definitely more XC than DH, with it being closer cut to the leg and finishing above the knee. Those riders wanting enduro gnarr shorts that interact well with knee pads need to look elsewhere. But for riders wanting a pair of shorts for heading to the hills on all day epics or for trail riding in general they fit the bill exceptionally well. After all, not everybody wants to wear pads on every ride.

aussie grit flint

Comfort for miles, no matter the riding.

Like riding in a sofa

The inner short is more like a standard road short with a compressive feeling Lycra construction. This helps with leg fatigue on longer rides but does make the short a little hotter than liners with a few mesh panels. As they are never seen on their own it would have been nice to have had at least some extra ventilation. I rode in thirty plus degree heat in Spain and the UK in them and despite the ample ventilation of the outer, they still felt a little repressive and sweaty. One area that the Flint does excel in is the quality of the chamois pad. Unlike many mountain bike specific pads that seem to provide minimal padding, the one in the Flint is a proper thick and contoured unit. Making it one of the best shorts for out and out comfort available today.


As a short to wear for more relaxed trail riding and XC/marathon use the Aussie Grit Flint is a great option. A supremely comfortable pad ensures all day enjoyment and the cut is relaxed enough to not restrict movement without being too baggy.


Sizes:S-XXL (Medium tested)
Weight:325 grams