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Specialized Defroster Trail boots


Specialized Defroster Trail boots review


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We got sent a size 42 Defroster by mistake, so it was lucky we tried it on before returning, because it actually fitted our size 43 testers, coming in much larger than indicated, with room to spare.

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A high collar gave great protection for puddle splashes, but was initially too stiff, and a little cumbersome when pedalling or walking, and took a good 10-15 rides before it eased off and felt more comfortable.

Despite this great splash coverage, we noticed the actual waterproof liner only sealed up to the bottom of the laces, giving it the least protection when submerged in a puddle.

The stiff shank was superb for efficient pedalling, if not the easiest to walk in, a fact further hampered by the lack of any kind of aggressive tread to grip in soft conditions.

The Defroster was very comfortable and warm, however, with the Boa performing as well as ever for easy tightening, loosening and adjustment on the move. The slick outer also proved easy to hose off and clean after rides.

Lacks a bit of protection, and one of the most expensive boots on test, it’s also worth checking the sizing before you buy.