"Two years of use and still holding up well." Reader review by Mick Marriott.

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Shimano M089 shoe


Shimano M089 shoe review

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intended as a versatile and cost-effective MTB shoe, these Shimano M089 MTB SPD Shoes are made from a stretch-resistant synthetic leather.

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Reader review by Mick Marriott | Trail-XC rider
Twitter: @azrael_ezekiel
Instagram: @cytokinestorm71

First impressions of the shoe?

They are a functional looking shoe, but nothing that makes them stand out. If you like a plain looking shoe these are for you.

How is the fit of the shoe – ie narrow, wide, normal etc?

The shows are not as wide as other Shimano offerings and caused a bit of mild foot ache until they stretched a little.

How stiff is the sole?

As stiff as any other shoe I have used for cycling on SPD pedals.

What is the retention system (laces, BOA dial etc), and how has it performed thus far?

Velcro straps and ratchet system.

How are the shoes off the bike for walking etc?

I walk about a mile a day in them prior to my ride and they are very comfortable for mild use. Hiking up steep slopes, they do dig in at the heel.

Performance and durability – how long have you had these shoes? Which features are good/bad, and how well have they stood up to use?

Two years of use commuting and trail riding and still holding up well. The Velcro straps however are quite long and rub on crank arms, I personally trimmed these down to prevent this. The ratchet mechanism handle has been changed from a more robust metal version to plastic. This needs care not to damage it and make the shoes unusable.

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Verdict: 8/10


Features:Material: Synthetic leather. Super low-profile micro-adjust buckle securely holds foot. Tough, stretch-resistant synthetic leather and mesh. Cross X-strap is optimised for relieving tension on top of foot during push off motion. Single density extra-cushion insole conforms a variety of foot shapes with shock absorbing cushioning. High durability outsole. Torbal Torsional midsole allows natural rider ‘flow’ motion during downhill. Glass fibre composite polyamide midsole for power transfer cleat. Expanded SPD cleat adjustment range to accommodate race or trail minded riding styles. Volume+ last for a more accommodating toe box. Cleat Compatibility: Shimano SPD 2-bolt.
Weight:700g pair