Very good build quality. Reader review by Martin Ligema.

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Scott Sport Trail Evo Gore-Tex shoe


Scott Sport Trail Evo Gore-Tex shoe review


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The Scott Sport Trail Evo Gore-Tex shoe is a versatile performer that delivers all-terrain performance and keeps you dry.

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Reader review by Martin Ligema | XC rider
Instagram: @martin.ligema

First impressions of the shoe?

Scott Sport Trail EVO Gore-Tex looks like a hiking shoe, which is a good thing. Overall I like the shape and the color however with three Scott logos on them, I think it’s a bit too aggressive branding.


How is the fit of the shoe – ie narrow, wide, normal etc?

For my feet the Mavic Crossride and Northwave Outcross Knit and the Five Ten Maltese Falcon were all too narrow in the toebox. The Scott Sport Trail EVO Gore-Tex fit wide feet with big toes.

How stiff is the sole?

I think Scott has found a good balance between stiffness and walkability. These shoes are comfortable on and off the bike.

What is the retention system (laces, BOA dial etc), and how has it performed thus far?

The retention system is a BOA dial with a small velcro for adjustment near the toes. The BOA dial is great for fast micro-adjustments that allow you to quickly dial in the comfort. However in a small crash I had, which didn’t leave a scratch on me, the BOA dial broke off near the seam that attaches it to the shoe. Thankfully my local Scott dealer replaced the shoes for me. My last mountainbike shoes lasted me 9 years having suffered many crashes, I don’t see the BOA dial being as reliable as laces or Velcro.

How are the shoes off the bike for walking etc?

These shoes are great to walk and drive in. That is one of the reasons I bought them. They slightly flex from the toe and rubber in the heel is very soft thus allowing you to not walk funny if you want go to the shops for a mid-ride snack.

Performance and durability – how long have you had these shoes? Which features are good/bad, and how well have they stood up to use?

I have had these shoes for 5 months and if I discount the BOA retention system the build quality and materials are very good. I especially like the Vibram tacky rubber sole and the Aegis adjustable volume foot arch. The matt black exterior does stain easily of you don’t wipe mud off after the ride.

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Verdict: 9/10


Composition:Outsole: Composite, Vibram Rubber, Stiffness Index 7 Upper: Microfiber, 3D Nylon Airmesh, Goretex Membrane
Closure:Closure system with Boa IP-1 & anatomic fit strap
Features:Footbed: Adjustable ErgoLogic removable insole