The styling of the Fizik Gravita tensor Clip shoe takes some getting used to, but this is a really comfortable shoe with some clever details.

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Fizik Gravita Tensor Clip


Fizik Gravita Tensor Clip shoe review


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Not only is the Fizik Gravita Tensor Clip lighter and sleeker than  most, it has some unique features, such as an offset lacing system. This simply places the laces as far away as possible from the crank arms, but also evens out pressure and eliminates hot spots on the top of your foot. And it totally works – even really tight, the laces don’t dig in and we’ve yet to tangle one in a pedal.

The new Fizik Gravita Tensor Clip is a different take on what it takes to make the best mountain bike shoes for gravity/enduro riding. The shoe also comes with extended ankle protection, but rather than a big thick foam pad, Fizik uses lightweight neoprene covered with a rip-stop fabric and backed up via a laminated scuff-guard.

Fizik uses the stickiest Vibram Megagrip rubber compound with a specific zonal lug pattern for the sole, which means there are more open lugs at the toe and heel to improve grip when walking, but they’re tightly spaced at the centre, so the minimal pins on a caged clipless pedal create some mechanical grip. The rubber is around 75a, but it feels softer than that, and offers good traction even on a wet, slippery pedal. The cleat box is low profile and this was one of the few shoes that only required a single shim.

TPU bumpers front and rear provide excellent protection against rock strikes, and the Tensor is really roomy in the toe, so we never felt cramped or restricted. Inside there is a high-tech lining that dries quickly. The footbed is also highly breathable and the extra padding helps reduce foot fatigue.

The Fizik Gravita Tensor Clip really is one of the most innovative shoes we’ve tested. It has a really cool lacing system, low-profile ankle protection and a soft rubber sole with good cleat engagement, but it’s expensive and that’s what pegged it back a point.