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ICE Lift V8 dropper post review
ICE Lift V8 £140

ICE Lift V8 £140

With the most expensive dropper posts hitting the dizzy heights of £350, it had to happen that they’d also get cheaper at the budget end of the spectrum. And the new ICE Lift V8 is the cheapest we’ve yet to test at MBR. If you’re looking for an entry-level post or have a frame with a 27.2mm seat tube, it’s definitely worth serious consideration.

In terms of function, it’s very similar to a Gravity Dropper — lift the rubber boot slightly from the top of the post and you’ll see it has the telltale holes drilled into the cromo shaft. It can be adjusted down to 45mm and 90mm via a bar-mounted remote, which looks identical to the one on the Crank Bros Joplin. The post is cable-operated and fixed to the lower portion of the post, so doesn’t move when the post is actuated, eliminating snagging and cable-rub.

The exit point is cranked 90-degrees so the cable stays tight against the frame, eliminating the wheel clearance issues you sometimes get with the Gravity Dropper. However, with the in-line saddle clamp there’s nothing stopping you spinning the post 180 degrees and routing the cable out of the front. The twin-bolt clamp is easy to adjust, especially with the lower clamp held in place by a small spring.

The Lift V8 comes in one 27.2mm size, handy for old-skool hardtails and original Orange Fives, but ICE provides shims, so you can upsize to 30.9 or 31.6mm. Setup is straightforward but cable tension is critical and takes a bit of trial-and-error to get right. The hinged clamp and in-line routing makes the remote easy to install, but it does have to pull a lot of cable and you have to push the lever at quite an angle before it releases. While the Lift V8 engages the first position with an audible click and shoots back easily, it’s not as positive fully down. You also have to weight the saddle to disengage it from the lowest position, which is an extra thing to think about. As with all dropper posts, there is some play in the shaft, but the Lift V8 uses a simple two-channel guide system that’s relatively easy to service.

Easy to install remote

Bar mounted remote adjusts post to 45mm and 90mm

I’ve been told ICE is making a rolling revision, so the post should release from the lower position without you having to pre-load it. As it stands, the Lift V8 is the cheapest post out there and also one of the lightest. It lacks the smooth action and performance of a Rock Shox Reverb, but it’s half the price and a great first step on the dropper ladder.

Mbr rating: 9


Weight: 543g
Sizes: 27.2mm (30.9 and 31.6mm with shim)
Length: 400mm
Adjustments:  0/45/ 90mm


This review originally appeared in the November issue of MBR.

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