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Specialized Henge Comp saddle



Specialized Henge Comp saddle review


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Specialized has spent a long time developing its Body Geometry concept, and some less obvious features have gone into its Henge design.

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It has a dialled shape and the thickly padded upper offers all-day comfort, whether riding flat singletrack or climbing.

There are also two widths available, so you can tailor your Henge to the width of your sit bones — something that can be measured by a good Specialized dealer.

Extra little details include the low-friction coating on the nose and tail that’s very effective at ensuring you glide smoothly when pedalling or shifting weight rearwards.

SWAT-compatible Allen key mounts in the base of the saddle integrate neatly with Specialized’s own storage solutions, and mean you can mount essential trail gear on the bike and potentially ride without a pack.

For £70, this Comp model is plush and ergonomic and gets plenty of details but it’s a little too pricy, especially when there’s a slightly less well featured, similarly padded Henge available for a bargain £25, although it is heavier and less flexible.