Not especially long, wide or tall, but hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

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Kore Durox SL saddle review


Kore Durox SL saddle review


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At under £40, Kore’s traditional-looking Durox is good value.

It’s not especially long, wide or tall, but hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — certainly, the Durox proved totally unobtrusive and trouble-free throughout this test.

Kore uses hollow 7mm cro-mo rails and a textured, embossed outer surface with thick stitching on the shoulders. This ensured the Durox was a fair bit grippier and more stable than some saddles when coated in wet mud.

The logos are also embossed, making them tougher to rub away, helping maintain the Durox’s looks for longer.

The 23mm-deep foam padding is on the dense side, but it’s also pretty firm, and combined with the thicker nylon base, with its lengthways underneath cut-away section, the Durox didn’t compress much over rough surfaces, meaning it felt a little stiff at times.

The flipside to this is there’s a good, solid base for hard pedalling, bolstered by the side profile having deep shoulders, so it doesn’t dissipate any energy when you stomp on the pedals.

The Durox isn’t that light, and a couple of testers reckoned it looked a bit like a roadie saddle, but perhaps this explains why it makes for a solid choice for quietly clocking up miles in a more XC vein.

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