Like most saddle manufacturers, Fizik has a massive range, including this Terra Aidon X5, which is designed for e-bikes. We've tested Canyon's e-bike focused SD:ON saddle before and it worked perfectly, so we were keen to compare this Fizik option for comfort, durability and performance.

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Score 8



  • Top quality construction and materials. Two widths. Closed loop rail adds strength. Compact design.


  • Not as comfortable as our favourite Specialized Bridge saddle. Expensive


Fizik Terra Aidon X5 saddle review


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It’s debatable whether there’s such a thing as a specific e-bike saddle, but I’m open-minded, and was keen to give this one a try. First thing to note is that this saddle is stubby in length, which apparently puts the e-biker ‘in a more planted position, making for greater stability and control when riding heavier pedal-assisted bikes.’

As with many premium saddles it also comes in two widths – 145mm and 160mm to match different sit bone measurements. Fizik says you spend more time in a seated position on an e-bike, which is true, so has included an ergonomic cut-out, to relieve pressure. There’s also a mud flap in the bottom of the channel to stop splatter, while also allowing water to drain away. Clever.

The synthetic leather is part-bonded to the carbon-reinforced Nylon base, and this sits on a S-Alloy Mobius rail. Unlike a traditional design, which is V-shaped, the Mobius is a closed loop. It adds strength and there are no anchor points directly under the sit bones, but you can still spring the rail in a crash. What I do like about this rail design is there’s plenty of space under the shell, which makes seatpost adjustment and cleaning slightly easier.

If I had to design a saddle for an e-bike I’d make it super comfy, because you do indeed sit down more. The proprietary Type-2 padding is extra thick at the back end, but it’s pretty firm under the sit bones, and despite there being a channel, I could feel the ridge where this transitions into the top. I always angle my saddles down slightly at the nose to reduce the pressure when rotating forward on climbs, and this does improve matters, but the Terra Aidon X5 is nowhere near as comfortable as my current favourite e-bike perch, the Specialized Bridge.

What I do like about the Terra Aidon X5 is that it’s compact, so when you hit your dropper it’s right out of the way and is not going to whack you in the nether region when hitting a jump or rolling into a steep chute. The shoulders are pretty deep and also have Wingflex technology, so you can still grip the saddle to control the bike.


Fizik saddles are superb quality and are tough and hard-wearing. You obviously pay a bit more for them, but they’ll go double the distance, which is handy on e-bike because that’s what you tend to do. The Aidon X5 impressed us but it doesn't quite deliver the comfort of the Canyon SD:ON or the top-scoring Specialized Bridge.


Widths:145mm, 160mm