More micro-pump than mini-pump, but the Blackburn Airstik's convenient sizing does mean compromises in terms of power and comfort.

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Blackburn Airstik 2Stage


  • Compact and light. Quality alloy construction.


  • Uncomfortable to use. Doesn't shift a lot of air.


Blackburn Airstik 2Stage mini-pump review


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At 85g, the Blackburn Airstik 2Stage is one of the lightest and smallest mini pumps on the market, so will easily fit in a jersey pocket but you can also mount it on the frame using the offset bracket included. The pump features an all-aluminium construction and, thanks to the dual-action design, does pack a punch for its size. It also has a high-pressure/high-volume switch, which you can activate mid inflation, and you’ll need to do that because the Airstik 2Stage does start to resist your effort once you get the tyre to 13psi at around 150 strokes. What’s worse is the Airstik 2Stage has a tiny head and is really uncomfortable to use – you have to hold the head onto the valve, and if you don’t get it quite right you can nip your fingers between the two halves of the pump. The Airstik 2Stage is also Presta only (there’s no option to convert it to Schrader), although to be fair we don’t mind because Presta is basically the universal valve type for mountain bike tyres now, especially tubeless ones.


In theory this compact and lightweight pump sounds good for XC racing or for short rides, but it’s not that effective and struggles to attain higher pressures unless you really expend a lot of energy. What really counts against it though, is the awkward and uncomfortable action.


Strokes:50-0.25psi, 100-8psi, 200-17psi