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Troy Lee A2 MIPS


Troy Lee Designs A2 helmet review


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The Troy Lee Designs A2 uses a MIPS low friction liner inside. It isn’t that light but one reason is the level of detail in the integrated protection.

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Its A1 helmet was a best seller, and this A2 brings more sophisticated construction and 25% more heat reducing venting; something that’ll be welcome for anyone who loved the A1’s wrap-around fit but found it too hot.

troy lee designs a2

Dual-density EPS and EPP foam layers lie underneath an outer shell that’s also reinforced with filaments to better resist penetration. Each layer targets different impact velocities, and there are also extra polystyrene ridges in the front section protruding upwards under the shell as a first line of defence against heavy hits – these splines add to the A2’s sculpted, racy look too.

All this material doesn’t affect cooling or airflow though, and the A2 is really effective at feeding a breeze over your scalp and dumping more heat than most. The internal pads are comfy next to the skin and thicker at the forehead for a properly cushioned connection. These pads absorb sweat well, but can drip down when saturated and need squeezing out often. Fit and stability is very good, but the A2 rests on more specific points compared to how the classic A1 model spread its weight evenly over your cranium.

The overlapping tensioning system is effective and reliable and we’ve found the well-finished helmet to be really durable too, excepting how the decals scratch easily. There’s no room to stash goggles under Troy Lee’s stubby peak, but in every other way, the A2 works just as good as it looks, and is a firm staff favourite here.


Sizes:XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL