Its minimalist design is an advantage

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Bluegrass Skinny knee pads


Bluegrass Skinny knee pads review

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Bluegrass Skinny knee pads are no-frills protection, with a bare minimum of superfluous features and lacking any big money materials such as D30.

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But that doesn’t make this is an inferior product. In fact for most trail riding, its minimalist design is an advantage.

The main padded area is made up of two layers of a lightweight foam material shaped to protect the main delicate parts of the knee. Consisting of a harder density outer skin over a softer, thicker inner layer, it conforms to the shape of the knee much better than a harder pad. The super soft layer also makes the Skinny one of the most comfortable and unobtrusive pads to wear all day. Now as anyone knows, there’s only one reason for wearing knee pads, and I have had a few minor tumbles, all in the name of testing obviously, and the times I’ve ended up on the floor the padding has been more than up to the job of protecting my patella.