The weight is down on the hips, keeping the centre of gravity low and it all felt very secure on the move

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Wingnut MPS


Wingnut MPS hydration pack review


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Sitting at the top of the Wingnut range, MPS name stands for Modular Pack System. Although it’s pricey, at £140, you get the ability to clip in, or remove, the large main compartment according to your needs, only adding it when you need to haul a hefty load.

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We found the sizing of the different modules spot on — without the main compartment we had just enough space for a normal daily ride, with tools and spares, plus a compact waterproof and food. With it there is a full 26 litres, the bulk of which is in a single compartment — very useful for big bits of kit, like sleeping bags or other unusual items.


Although we missed a tool organiser, it wasn’t the end of the world — we just spread trail kit between the two wing pockets and only had to do a slight amount of trailside rummaging.

The waterproof, sailcloth construction makes this pack one of the lightest on test, despite having the largest capacity. It also shed mud and water easily, and is tough as old boots. The only issue we had with the construction is there’s no back stiffener, so you have to either pack carefully, or suffer pointy items stabbing you in the kidneys.

The ride is as good as any other Wingnut we have tried; the weight is down on the hips, keeping the centre of gravity low and making the waist belt work hard. It all felt very secure on the move, and even heavy loads sat well on the back.


Reservoir:Not included
Capacity:26 litres