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Uvex Sport Boss RS 2009 helmet review

The Visor on the Sport Boss has a bit of a Deep Space Nine look to it, but this helmet isn’t too ugly without it. It has sleek lines and tapers towards the rear where the shell wraps under the EPS to improve its resistance to scuffs and dents. One size fits all and we found the dial-style adjuster expands to most head sizes. Again there’s no vertical tuning, although the retainer did the job and kept the lid stable and centred.

Instead of the side-release buckle found on most chin straps, the Boss has a sort of ratchet device, which we’re not fans of, as it’s fiddly to close. The strap is padded for comfort and the buckles held fast during the test, they’re just off-the-shelf items.

Uvex goes for the integrated fly catchers and slightly upgraded wicking pads compared to most. It’s also the only firm not to offer a crash replacement, but the Sport Boss RS is worth a look for those who like traditional styling.

Mbr rating: 7