Product Overview


Uvex Magnum £39.99

Red/black/white or titanium pearl/Two sizes/Weight: 367g

In terms of overall feel, the Uvex stands alone in this test. Almost entirely, this is down to the extensive hard shell, covering almost the entire expanded foam moulding. Not only does this result in a high-quality feel, but it means the lid will stay in great shape for much longer. The only downside is the extra weight. It’s almost 100g heavier than any other lid on test.
Ventilation is mid-pack thanks to good channels, the brow being among the best due to the seven channels under the retention band.
A long peak is great for sun and rain protection, and the chinstrap fixing uses Uvex’s push-button system. It’s simple to use and very secure, ably assisted by excellent Y-anchors. A good choice for extra protection.