Product Overview


TSG AM Kevlar £37.50

Straps: 1/Sizes: s/m, l/xl/Weight: 322g

Taking a different approach to the other pads on test, the TSG AMs are more akin to reinforced leg warmers. A hard plastic cup protects the kneecap, and padded Kevlar sections stop rocks flung from the front wheel smacking your shins. Just like leg warmers you’ve got to take your shoes off to get them on, and even then you still have to wrestle them into place. Once on, they are unbelievably comfortable, noticeably less bulky and cooler than the rest on test. All well and good, but when you’ve finished a long ride the hard part is actually getting them off, to the point where we were tempted to reach for a knife. Great all-mountain design, but TSG needs a medium size option and possibly an ankle zip.