Product Overview


Time Atac Z £39.99

Weight 546g / Replacement cleats: £12.50
Contact: RJ Chicken 01582 872202

Time’s Atac Zs share the same ultra-reliable retention system with the Aliums. Where they differ is in the provision of a huge platform to support the foot and offer some grip should you temporarily unclip on truly technical terrain.
A concave profile means that the sole of a shoe sits very well supported, and the overall scale does comfort no harm. That same scale does mean that these reduce ground clearance when trying to pedal round corners. That said, it’s a problem for all ‘big’ pedals, not just the Zs.
Unlike Shimano, Time’s guts sit level at all times, but this doesn’t seem to affect the speed of entry — a wider release angle no doubt makes up for this. Stomp on the pedal even remotely toe down and you’re in.
The same stiff axle as the Aliums makes an appearance, and the feeling is one of quality. They’re not light, but these Times offer everything you need from a platform clipless pedal.