Product Overview


Syncros Wheelset £see individual part

DS 28 rims £34.99 / Factory DH/FR rear hub £219.99; front £100 / 32-hole rims / International Standard Disc Mount / Rear spacing: 135mm rear x 10mm, 150mm x 12mm (£249.99) / Weight: wheels 5.75lb
Contact: Hotwheels 01202 732288

The DS28 rim is a big boy; it’s 28mm wide, deep-section, double-walled and double-eyeleted. The True Track Technology sticker means it’s stress relieved and straightened after being pinned together.
Both the front and rear hubs are fitted with ‘Enduro Max’ custom cartridge bearings — four in the front and six (two in the cassette body, four in the shell) in the rear. Oversized pawls are used in the cassette body, for faster pick-up and longer life.
A 10mm steel quick-release skewer is slotted into the front hub but it can be converted to 20mm through-axle use with two £6.99 spacers (sold separately). The 135mm rear hub also has a 10mm steel QR but the wider 150mm has a hole for a 12mm through axle. Syncros’ produce 10mm axles for Shimano Saint and Hone but right now Hotwheels isn’t bringing them into the UK.
This DS28 rim built into a strong and stiff wheel that tracked well and remained true despite plenty of abuse. The Factory hubs have good internals but they’re not as well finished as equally pricey Hadley hubs and they’re also available in fewer options than DT Swiss 440 hubs. As wheels they’re similar in price to ones built on 440s but compare them to Mavic DeeTraks and they’re twice the price.
So are there any saving graces? If you could pick them up for less than the RRP you’d have yourself a strong, stiff and dependable set of hoops.