Product Overview


Syncros Four-bolt locking grip £12.99

Weight: 122g / Dual density
Contact: Jungle Products 01423 780088

Syncros claims the ergonomically designed diameter of these house grips provides “excellent feel and gives maximum control”. That may be so, but at 31mm in diameter they’re 2mm fatter than ODI Ruffians. We’ve also seen a non-branded version of this grip doing the rounds, which suggests either Syncros is just buying off the peg and has given the PR guys free reign, or the factory that makes these grips is shunting them out of the back door without Syncros’ knowing.
Either way, the grip is secured with 2.5mm grub screws, which push a thin metal shim against the handlebar, making them safe for carbon. Built in end caps help protect the bar and grip from damage. We’ve rated them seven because original lock-ons (with replaceable cartridges) are only £2 more.