Product Overview


Straitline bar caps £15.99

Colours: red, blue, gold, black, green, Ti grey, white, bronze, x-ray, pink, / Weight: 41g / Contact:

If you look closely at the inside of an ODI Lock-Jaw clamp you’ll see the indent that holds the tabs on the end of the cartridges has a slight ridge machined into it. This is to hold the grip in place and also makes sure the clamps don’t fall off when you remove the whole thing. Like a lot of hop-up caps Straitline’s bar-end caps don’t have this feature so are less secure, but they are thicker so offer greater protection.

A single grub screw holds the cap onto the bar, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not something we’d want to do on a carbon handlebar. Weight and price also score against these caps — a set of Lock-Jaw clamps are 24g a pair, these are 41g.