Product Overview


Specialized Air Force 3 £24.99

Weight: 298g / Colours: black, black-red, black-silver, blue, silver or white/ Sizes: Youth, S, M, L / Crash replacement £10 / Specialized UK 020 8391 3500

As with the Air-8 we found the Form Fit retention system a bit fiddly, with the two sides moving independently rather than in parallel with the wheel style adjusters. Once in position it didn’t move but it does need setting up carefully. The microshell covers most of the helmet at the front, but the rear is exposed to dings and quickly looks tatty if you don’t look after it. The U-turn strap adjusters worked fine, but didn’t grip the straps well enough and can be moved quite easily in the locked position, which makes adjustment a regular necessity. Overall it’s a bargain bucket with good styling for the money.