Product Overview


SKS Revo Mini MTB Pump £25.99

Weight: 144g / 100 strokes: 19.5psi / Length: 208mm / Aluminium barrel / Gauge built into shaft / Twist-lock head / Presta-Schraeder compatible with dismantling / Contact:

Looking like it is fresh out of the Porsche design catalogue, or perhaps a cigar case for a South American dictator, the Revo is a mighty handsome pump. On the job though it proved perfectly capable too, coming in mid-pack on the 100-stroke test. We did find the valve-side grip a bit on the small side, making it quite awkward to hold while pumping and therefore putting more twisting and pushing stress on the valve itself. Changing valve types also relied on undoing a very small knurled ring, not great when the conditions are bitter.

A linear pressure gauge is built into the plastic shaft of the pump, but as the demarcations are tightly packed (ie, there is only 12mm between 20 and 40psi) it couldn’t be used with much accuracy.

Very pricey compared to some of the other perfectly capable pumps on test, so only one to consider if you want to impress your friends.

Mbr rating:6