Product Overview


Shimano SLX £53.82

SLX is Shimano’s new hard knocks entry-level groupset. The shifters are slightly heavier then XT but they are still in the ballpark especially when you remove the indicators. Weight watching aside, we were blown away by the performance of the SLX units, given the price. Obviously shifting isn’t quite as slick as XTR but it is on par with XT and the shift levers are in a more user-friendly position than XT, especially if you run your brakes/shifters well inboard of the grips. In fact the SLX shifters feel very similar to 2007 XT units, which are arguably one of the best shifter sets ever made. With SLX you get the two position clamp, removable indicator and crisp shifting of XT, with better ergonomics at a reduced price. What more do you need?

Mbr rating: 10