Product Overview


Shimano SH181n £79.95

Polyurethane outer sole / Fibreglass-reinforced midsole / Closed mesh upper / Micro-adjust buckle and two Velcro straps / Removable studs / sizes 36-48 (full sizes only) / Weight: 800g (size 43)

The closed mesh upper on the SH181n makes it an ideal choice for UK riding conditions, as it is more water repellent and harder-wearing than the standard mesh option. A two-position buckle better accommodates different foot widths while removable toe studs are ideal for muddy conditions that force you to get off and push. A stiff, fibreglass midsole offers more than enough support but it is not so rigid as to make walking impossible. Additionally, the polyurethane outer sole makes it easier to locate the cleat in the pedal than a full carbon sole, as it’s nothing like as slippery. The deep outer sole around the cleat pocket does however make it slightly harder to engage the cleats when used with Shimano DX pedals — but seeing as the SH181n is actually designed for use with Shimano M970 and M540 pedals, not caged pedals, we won’t be penalising it. Basically, if you’re looking for the performance advantages of a rigid shoe that can be ridden all day, every day, the SH181n is a great option.