Product Overview


Shimano M520 £29.99

Weight: 380g / Replacement cleats £9.99 /

These pedals have been around for some time now, and we don’t know many riders that haven’t got a pair tucked away somewhere — usually on commuter or training bikes that need a workaday pedal. With the same claw mechanism as the XTRs, but at a third of the price, they only suffer slightly from a heavy weight and the lack of the XTR’s smooth coating. None of this matters hugely, and they perform just as you would expect from Shimano — reliably and predictably, from the ‘crack’ of the step-in to the ‘crump’ of the release. Bearings feel fine, and all reports are of a long-lasting mechanism, so they should last you a good while. What else could you ask of a £30 pedal? Superb.

Mbr rating:10