Product Overview


Selle San Marco Phobos £69.99

Weight: 234g / Size: 220 fit system

Selle San Marco says this saddle weighs 190g; if you look at the weight left you’ll see that it’s nowhere near. It also claims it’s “designed from the ground up, to offer all the features a mountain biker needs”. We suspect this is the racing mountain biker because the weight, price and, to some extent, the comfort all hint at a competitive streak.
Saddle choice is personal preference, but despite the flexy titanium rails, red elastomer bumpers, relieved central channel and thin carbon-reinforced shell, we found the Phobos a tad on the firm side. The flat shape means we tended to sit on this saddle rather than in it and, while the hardwearing Lorica (synthetic leather) cover didn’t cause us to skid about, this saddle doesn’t offer a lot of support. It’s heavier than rivals like the WTB Silverado and SDG Ti-Fly C, but it splits the difference in terms of price.