Product Overview


Scott Trail £49.99

Glass-fibre reinforced rubber tread / Nylon air-mesh upper / Elasticated lace-tidy / Sizes: 38-48 / Weight: 976g
Contact: Scott 0800 917 2934

Scott’s shoe is one of the widest on test. Wiggle-room in the toebox is great, but the appeal for anyone with narrow feet is limited. With an upper made almost entirely of micro-fibre mesh, there’s a danger of the shoe being unsupportive. Thankfully, the lace-loop-holding nubuck is anchored to the sole, stabilising the whole upper. A long single strap completes the fastenings. As well as the option of using the strap to tidy the laces, Scott has included an elastic lace-tidy on the padded tongue.
For wide feet, the supportive uppers and hardwearing sole are perfect; the great price furthers the cause. For narrow feet, it’s another story — overtightened laces pinch at the base, and the strap needs to be so tight as to squeeze the bridge of the foot.