Product Overview


Scott Fuga £99.99

Weight: 316g / Matt black, grey / Black, black /Pearl white / Sizes: small, medium, large / 27 vents

This is Scott’s first crack at a mountain bike helmet. Aimed at the high end, and with a price tag to match, it has some unique features but how does it compare to the iconic Giro E2?
Clipped to the front of the Fuga is an innovative Magneto visor that fixes to small magnets embedded in the shell. It offers 10 degrees of tilt-adjustment but unfortunately it’s a third of the size of the Giro visor and pretty ineffective. The MAS (Micro Adjustment System) can be tuned vertically and laterally, but the twin-cam dividers don’t offer enough adjustment, meaning this helmet is a tight fit for a medium. An internal skeleton adds strength and the helmet is in-moulded, but it’s not bottom-wrapped (where the microshell extends underneath) at the rear like an E2.
Both helmets will show knocks but the Scott will come off worse, plus it’s currently not covered by a crash replacement policy, which is an oversight on a £100 lid. Ventilation is good but the Fuga is not as comfortable as the E2. On the scales the Fuga is lighter than the Giro by 25g. Being £10 dearer than the Giro wouldn’t be a bad thing if the Fuga offered better features, but it doesn’t. It’s a roadie lid with a peak and is rated accordingly.