Product Overview


Salomon Raid Revo 15 Set £49.99

2-litre (70fl/oz) reservoir / 15-litre cargo capacity / Colours: yellow, red, grey / Contact: www.salomon

Salomon has done a fairly good job with the Raid Revo, even considering it’s not a specific bike pack but in Salomon’s trail running division. It sits nicely on your back and the straps do a good job restraining any movement, presumably because it’s designed to counter the increased movement generated by runners. It’s really light and that, combined with the limited cargo capacity, means you barely notice it when riding. The Platypus reservoir is also very easy to get to, as it’s accessible without opening the main body of the pack by way of a Velcro fastened outer pocket. You can also remove the reservoir without having to unthread the hose, although be warned, there’s then nothing to stop residual water escaping.

There are a few internal pockets and divisions to make life easier and prevent you from having to rummage too much for tools. The pack is also expandable, with two vertical zips running the length of it and acting as compression devices when you’re not using all 15 litres of available cargo space. Topping it off is a phone pocket with waterproof zips, with enough capacity to take an iPod or organiser.

We’ve some major gripes, though. The bite valve on the reservoir takes practice to learn how to coax water from it: bite too hard on it after a lung-busting climb and it’ll jam up just when you need water most. The hose is also way too long — it’s not a big problem to lose some of it inside the reservoir pocket, but it clearly hasn’t been designed for this specific pack.

If you want a lightweight trail pack you can use for other activities the Salomon will do, but it’s a little overpriced.

Mbr rating:7